Rock~Soul Duo

Minneapolis, St. Paul Music Scene Break-Outs
= A New Experience

Deb Zieman & Kristin Danielson

“Amazing Harmonies”
“Crazy Chemistry”
“Moving Music”
“Fantastic Fun”
~ Concert Goers
These gals will leave you satisfied & wanting more all at the same time!

Their individual passion for the music and the way they deliver it, blends perfectly producing a unique experience. The listener witnesses Deb and Kristin’s authentic fearlessness; and is transformed by their naked vulnerability of sound and soul. You haven’t heard anything like this!

“Pulling ourselves out of a multi-piece band allows us to leave everything we have on the stage so our raw sound can not only be heard but felt… this was my dream” ~Deb

“Coming together has allowed us to go beyond an “Acoustic Duo” into an actual MERGE of rock and soul into a fresh, original experience. Making songs with our own interpretation… captivating and moving people.” ~Kristin