Deb Zieman

Deb head shot

Deb Zieman – kick ass female vocalist performing for over 20 years with bands across Minneapolis Metro Area, making her one of the top female vocalists in the Twin Cities.  Her passion for soulful rock can be heard, and felt, in every note.  Deb has stepped out now with Kristin Danielson, to fulfill her dream of a band that focuses on bringing forth the power and vulnerability of the lyrics – where the song is enhanced by the music and not lost in the multiple pieces of a large band – where an intimacy is given and felt in the same moment.

Kristin Danielson

Kristen head shot

Kristin is a newcomer to the Twin Cities music scene, but her old soul brings a wisdom to the guitar that you will only hear from her. She brings a unique, percussive sound to the guitar that hypnotizes you and keeps you wanting more. Kristin provides a depth to the song with her gentle, warm, and rich vocals/harmonies. Her mysterious stage presence and captivating guitar playing puts the ‘Hot Rock’ in 23rd Hour.
Kristin and Deb bringing their talents together, makes you believe they have been making music together over life-times.

The experience is not to be missed. Come out and have an amazing time to the one-of-a-kind sound of 23rd Hour.